Last updated: 8 October 2002

Our Activities

Our researches

What is Educational Technology?
Examples of Graduate Theses, etc.

Luncheon seminar

Every Thurs day 12:10-50 p.m. At Room B202 (Faculty of Software and Information Science Building-B)
We have a casual seminar while taking lunch together.
Anybody who is interested in education, media welcome!

Lecture notes sharing project

This is a project to share the lecture notes of the department.
All the undergraduate 2nd and 3rd years students are working for the project.

Business meeting

Every Thursday from 18:00 at Suzuki lab.
All the members at Suzuki lab. (except 1st year students) are supposed to attend this meeting. Students who are interested in joining our lab. are welcome to attend the meeting to know more about our lab.

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